Episode #515: Zeeda Andrews Live: Legislators Worry As Trucker Strike Gets Better Organized


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Friday; September 20, 2013  -Los Angeles -10:00am


The Pete Santilli Show With Special Guest: Zeeda Andrews And The Independent Truckers of America


Pending Trucker Strike Set For October 11-13 Gaining Popularity With The American People (UPDATE)

A GMN exclusive interview by: Susannah E. Cole

The impact a trucker strike would have on this country would be hard to summarize, even though it is only a three day event like the one being planned for October 11, 2013.  Right now strike coordinators are saying the strike will actually begin on October 10th at the “T.A. Truck Stop in Ashland Virginia” where a rally is being planned for  truckers to gather.  Washington DC is about an hour away from Ashland, VA.  The “Roll Out” as organizer’s are calling it,  will commence on the morning of  October 11th and several hundred drivers have already committed.

“The response to this event has been overwhelming,” says Zeeda Andrews, who started a firestorm on Facebook when she put up the page announcing the intended strike earlier in the week.  The number of people supporting the strike average close to 80,000 at the time of this writing.  Organizers are also asking that the American public not spend any money during this strike to show solidarity with the striking truckers.

If  you wonder what will happen if this goes off as planned, consider what one trucker had to say about the strike:

Close your eyes and clear your mind. Now open your eyes. Open a cupboard door. Look inside.
Everything in that cupboard was on a truck at some point in time. The cupboard was on a truck, either as a completed cabinet ready for installation or as the lumber and hardware needed to make that piece of furniture.

Look at the room where the cupboard is. Everything in that room was transported by a truck, including the building materials to build the house/apartment that the room is part of.
If You Own It – A Trucker brought it to where you could buy it.  If you have a garden the seed for that garden came by truck. The only thing the truck didn’t deliver was the plot of ground.
If there are any soil amendments or fertilizers applied to that ground, guess what? It came by truck.

If the trucks stop the economy grinds to a halt, and with most stores using just-in-time inventory control there is nothing in back to put on those shelves when they empty until the next truck arrives.

A three day slowdown in deliveries means disruptions in the delivery chain for a month or more. A slowdown of this nature in mid-October means a lot of Christmas Inventory is going to be delayed, causing delays for the stuff scheduled for the following week, etc. clear into December.



Zeeda Andrews

Zeeda Andrews is the woman who would have a million “Truckers”  go to Washington to protest high fuel prices and the destruction of our U.S. Constitution.   Zeeda is a resident of Florida, but was raised in the great state of Tennessee.  This former Country Western Singer, who was once a trucker herself, says it is time for the American people to start fighting back. “Truckers of America are suffering” says Zeeda, and “If anyone can force change in Washington, it will be the truckers who get it done.”  “We are not trying to hurt the people of America but we want to send a clear message to Washington that lets them know we are fed up with their corruption.”

Momentum is mounting with coverage from major news outlets like The Huffington post who have recently quoted the head of the American Trucking Association (Huffpo calls them the A.M.A., but we here at Guerilla Media Network know how to spell ATA) as saying;

This grassroots attempt to organize a truckers’ strike was dismissed by the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the largest trade organization for truckers.

“We’re not a sponsor or a supporter, and we certainly don’t condone it,” ATA spokesman Sean McNally told The Huffington Post.

McNally said the movement appears to be using information from a 2006 ATA report about the essential role of truckers in the United States. Among other findings, the report noted that halting trucking could cause “significant shortages” to the country “in as little as three days, especially for perishable items.”

Given those findings, a successful 72-hour trucker strike, like the one proposed by the Truckers To Shut Down America, would be problematic for the country. However, McNally expressed skepticism on the likelihood of such a large-scale protest taking place.

“There hasn’t been a nationwide [trucker] strike of any kind for many years,” he said.

This attempt to gather a crowd of 18-wheelers is the latest in a series of organized protests in D.C. The previous two were unable to reach their target turn-out goals, despite media attention. The 9/11 Million Muslim March, for example, fell exceedingly short of its goal, only managing to attract about 30 protestors. The 2 Million Bikers to D.C. fared better, organizing thousands of bikers in a ride through D.C. (The event took place despite being formally denied a police permit.)

The Truckers, meanwhile, don’t appear to be stressing about any potential hurdles they may face along the way: “We do not need a permit. Homeland Security has nothing to say. Everyone will police themselves,” the group said in a Facebook post.

Zeeda expresses that this event will be held by  independent truckersNOT” corporate truckers.  Corporate truckers have already been advised they will lose their jobs if they participate. “We have not, nor were we ever planning to ask for the endorsement of the ATA. We wouldn’t want to put them in that position nor do we need their endorsement. This Ride for the Constitution is a “GAS-ROOTS” movement by independent truckers who have nothing to do with the corporate side of the trucking industry.”   Zeeda told GMN that she has been approached by several people with radical ideas about taking Washington DC hostage which is an agenda she adamantly rejects: “This will be a peaceful convoy meant to send a message to Washington DC.  The D.O.T laws in the Capital are among the strictest in the country and we’re not going there to purposefully break any laws.”

Zeeda admits that one million truckers participating in this strike is a stretch, but that even if the number stays at 2,000 the effect will be far reaching and make a big statement.  She also maintains that the strikers will abide by “DC” law which means, no trucks will cross into Washington DC; We plan to stay on the Beltway at all times”.

Radio talkshow host Pete Santilli, who has recently announced that he is “ALL-IN” in support of the Trucker’s event has stated very clearly; “Americans are pissed, truckers are pissed, and our legislators are operating unconstitutionally.  If the federal government or their fascist partners in corporate trucking think they can stop any trucker or citizen from participating in this national event, then they are in for a big surprise.  I would LOVE to see the DHS sort out who in the big traffic jams across america is a protestor or simply stuck in traffic.  Washington DC will merely be symbolic and a photo opportunity in our nation’s capital — as far as I am concerned, we don’t even need Washington DC or those corrupt politicians to even run this country (they run it into the dirt is all they do).  I am calling upon every single American in every city with every vehicle to get out on the road in support of out truckers & the U.S. Constitution.  Let’s show these bastards who runs this place — they will NEVER be able to control a nationwide protest.  We are demanding that Congress follow the US Constitution immediately; comply with our lawful demands, or their refusal will cause  a shutdown.  They either follow along with the plan by October 11th or they will be personally responsible for shutting our system down — they have a choice, but one of them is not to continue to operate lawlessly after October 11th.  We have one shot at doing this peacefully; lawfully and constitutionally, but if we do NOT rise up, the alternative is a horrifying collapse and a violent revolution.”

RFTC Truck_Load


The Truckers To Shut Down America have released their new web-site. You can find them at:  http://ridefortheconstitution.org/ .  Zeeda Andrews and Benjamin Pam would like to invite truckers to send their “STORIES” to: zeeda@ridefortheconstition.org, or Ben@ridefortheconstitution.org.  Trucker stories will be made available for the public to read.

Truckers and the public can now get updates on the strike at the new web-site. Facebook has banned both Zeeda and Ben for 12 days for thanking a friend and posting God Bless and God Bless America. They both feel that eventually the Facebook page will be shut down and they wanted to establish a place where people could come and be free to post God Bless America if they want to. Zeeda has told GMN they are getting hit hard by Union advocates.

In the weeks leading up to the event they also would like to invite the people of America to become an active part of the web-site by leaving comments in support of the event.

The people who organize the overpass project to impeach Obama have informed Zeeda and Ben they will be on the overpasses in full force on the beltway and the hour long stretch of highway between Ashland Virginia and Washington DC.






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